Audiobook Review – Winter at the Door by Sarah Graves

winter-at-the-doorBy Awnali Mills

Lizzie Snow is a Boston homicide detective who has decided to relocate to Bearkill, Maine.  There are rumors that her niece who has gone missing has been seen in the Great North Woods, and she’s determined to find her.  Cody Chevrier, the local sheriff, has hired her for reasons of his own—retired cops are dying at a rapid rate in suspicious circumstances, and he needs an experienced homicide cop to figure out what’s going on.  When former lover Dylan Hudson shows up to look into the deaths of young women who are being murdered by someone from the Bearkill area, Lizzie more than has her hands full.  Is Cody seeing patterns where none exist?  Did a lost hunter really see her niece?  And is Dylan concocting stories just to get back into her bed?  Lizzie needs to figure it out fast, but can she do it before anyone else dies—especially herself?

I really enjoyed Sarah Graves’ Home Repair is Homicide series, so there was no question that I would pick her new series up.  My discovery of the series coincided with my need for a new audiobook, so, score!

Kirsten Potter does a decent job of voicing the different characters. I was always reluctant to get out of the car.  Lizzie seems ill suited to the backwoods, but by the end of the book she seemed to be easing into the community.  I’m not sure how the community is going to feel about her, though.  There was a definite abundance of strong men around, so it will be interesting to see how Lizzie’s love life progresses. I will probably listen to the next in the series as well, but the book was fairly dark, and I needed a funny break afterwards.

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