Magic Storytime – 11-30-16

By Awnali Mills

This week the theme was a Magical Storytime.  I’ll be doing the storytime twice.  The books I chose were My Mommy Is Magic by Carl Norac, Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson, and Anton Can Do Magic by Ole Könnecke.

Biscuit started us off by bringing me the letter M, and then bringing me a magic (bubble) wand.  I used the wand for the next activity.  I pulled out a black top hat with different finger puppets in it.  I waved my wand over the hat and said, “Magic, magic in my hat.  I’ll pull out a rabbit and…ACK!  What’s that!”  Each time, I pulled out something that wasn’t a rabbit.  I had the kids tell me what it was, and then threw it over my shoulder.  They thought that was hilarious.  It was even better that it flew right into the cubby over my head.  Somehow, I managed to get them all into the same cubby!  The kids were telling me different things that we could do to make the rabbit finally come out of the hat.  Playing ball was not going to work.  Sorry!

As is the way sometimes, the bubble wand started to leak during the activity.  I acted like nothing was happening, but ended up with soap all over my hand.  Fun!  And, the kids always know that this is a bubble wand.  I need to just make myself a regular magician’s wand.  Sigh.

Our first book was My Mommy Is Magic.  This is a very sweet book, and the kids were very attentive.  After it was over, I pulled out my song cube, and we rolled it for our first song, The Alphabet Song.

Our next book was Tap the Magic Tree.  I had the kids do all the motions that the book instructs you to do to the tree to the floor in front of them (tapping, etc.), or to themselves (shaking).  That was a lot of fun.  They got to be magic, too!

Our next song cube roll was Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, and we enjoyed doing all three verses.  Next, I did the flannel Five Magic Rabbits.  The kids were very good at counting the rabbits, and helping me say the verses.

Our last book was Anton Can Do Magic.  I had the kids tell me before we started whether or not they thought Anton would be able to do magic.  I had a mixed response.  I had them vote again after the book, and they again gave me a mixed response.

I segued by asking them whether or not I could do magic.  Most of them seriously doubted it, but I had a few believers.  I asked for an adult assistant.  I gave her a plastic sandwich bag and asked her to verify that it was a regular bag, which she did.  I then asked her to pour all of the water from a pitcher into the bag, which she did.  Then I sealed the bag, held up a sharpened pencil, and asked the kids what would happen if I stuck the pencil through the bag.  They assured me that it would get water everywhere.  So, I promptly stuck the pencil all the way through the bag.  It didn’t leak.  Then, I did it two more times with two other pencils.  No leaks.  Naturally, everyone was astounded.  I took my bows and we sang our closing song.

FYI, the bag doesn’t leak because the pencils are plugging the holes.  The sharp point pierces rather than tears the plastic, so the plastic sort of seals right around the pencils.  After a time, I’m sure they would leak, but they don’t while you’re holding the bag.


When I repeated this storytime, I added another trick right after Tap the Magic Tree.  First, I had already cut a long rubber band in two.  I pulled it out, took a ring off my finger and put it on the rubber band with most of the band curled in my left hand.  I held the “string” with the ring on it between my hands with the backs of my hands towards the audience.  I said, “Anyone can make a ring fall down a string” (I caused the ring to fall almost to my left hand), “but I can make it fall up.”  I lifted my right hand higher than my left, and gently pulled, easing the rubber band out of my left hand.  The length appears to stay the same, but the ring “moves” up the string.  The kids gapped at me and then applauded.  I love that!  If you do your own magic storytime and add any tricks, I would love to know what they are.

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One Response to Magic Storytime – 11-30-16

  1. Morrisa says:

    Sounds like SUCH fun Mrs. Mills!! Imagine that too…hitting that cubby everytime in a row. What a zinger you are!

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