Passive Program for Chinese New Year

chinese-new-yearBy Awnali Mills

Sometimes, it seems disorienting to have to plan for next month’s passive program.  Especially in December.  I’m just trying to make it through the holidays—it’s awfully hard to think about the New Year.  But, such is the lot of a librarian.

After kicking around ideas for a January passive program at our monthly staff meeting, we settled on a celebration of Chinese New Year.  It’s on January 28th, so that gives us a good long month to celebrate.  FYI, 2017 is the year of the rooster.  We will have a scavenger hunt for the characters of the Chinese lunar calendar.  Each character has a list of lucky colors, numbers, and flowers, and the years of birth that the character represents.  Then, the children can return their search sheet for the chance to win a prize (all the better to count our numbers, bwah-ha-ha!).  Once they’ve returned their sheet, they will get the chance to put a picture of their birth year’s character on our big glass window—the details of this are still being worked out.

For now, we’re finishing up our December passive program – a gingerbread house.  Every child gets to glue one piece of candy to the house per visit.


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