Snow Happy Storytime 1/4/17

By Awnali Mills

Storytime this week was all about the flakes—snow that is.  We’re expecting some this weekend, so it seemed appropriate.  The books I chose were Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London, If It’s Snowing and You Know It, Clap Your Paws by Kim Norman, and Snow Happy by Patricia Hubbell.

Biscuit brought us an “S” and a Styrofoam snowball.  I had everyone stand up and then we made snowballs and threw them!

(Sung To: “Are You Sleeping, Brother John”)

Make a snowball, make a snowball. (Act like making a snowball)
Throw it now, throw it now. (Use throwing motion)
Make a snowball, make a snowball. (Act like making a snowball
Throw it now, throw it now. (Use throwing motion)

Then I read Froggy Gets Dressed.  This is always storytime gold.  The kids are always amused by Froggy’s forgetfulness, and laugh uproariously when he forgets his underwear.

I had the kids stand up again and we did the activity Snow is Folling

Snow is falling, falling down;
Snow is falling hit the ground. (Wiggle fingers like snowflakes)
Flurries, flurries (sing slowly)
Snowing, snowing (sing faster)
Blizzard (Sing Loud and very fast)
(then reverse the storm process until everyone is sitting down)

Next, I did the flannel Five Little Snowmen.  My co-worker made some great snowmen for this.

Five little snowmen standing in a row,
Standing straight and tall in the deep, cold snow.
Out came the sun, shining bright and hot all day,
And one little snowman melted away. (continue to count down)

Then I read If Its Snowing and You Know It.  While I really like this book, it’s too long for storytime.  So, I paper clipped some of the pages together to shorten it.  Then I sang the book, encouraging the kids to do the things that the animals in the story were doing, like clapping their paws, and blowing kisses, and catching snowflakes on their tongues.

I did another flannel called simply Snowflakes.


One little snowflake with nothing to do.
Along came another and then there were two.

Two little snowflakes laughing with me.
Along came another and then there were three.

Three little snowflakes looking for some more.
Along came another and then there were four.

Four little snowflakes dancing a jive (or acting alive)
Along came another and then there were five.

Five little snowflakes having so much fun.
Out came the sun, and then there were none!

Our last book was Snow Happy.  I passed out jingle bells, and we rehearsed how we were going to use them.  When I said, “snow happy!” they were to yell “snow happy!” with me and jingle their bells furiously.  Then, when I clutched my bells to my chest to quiet them, they were to do the same, and keep them quiet while I read.  The parents were a great help with this.  The kids did a fantastic job!

To finish up, we did the Snowky-Pokey.  We put our mittens, hats, scarves, boots, and snowsuits in and shook them all about.  Because, you know, that’s what it’s all about!

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