Book Review – The Changelings by Christina Soontornvat

By Awnali Mills

ChangelingsWhen Izzy’s sister, Hen, follows some eerie music into the woods, Izzy follows her.  Soon she finds herself in the land of Fairies, but Hen is nowhere around.  Izzy isn’t about to give up, though.  She meets three friends called Changelings who can turn themselves into various animals, and enlists their help.  She learns that the evil Queen Morvanna has Hen, and is capturing all the Changelings.  Will Izzy be able to save Hen, or will she cost her new friends their lives?

I enjoyed The Changelings.  It was a pretty standard story of humans entering the world of Fairy, but there were some unique touches, like humans living as farmers there (with purple sheep!), and Changelings having limited powers that are reflected in a poem.  Soontornvat has left the door open for sequels, which will appeal to fantasy lovers who like repeat servings of favorite dishes.  There’s also a good strong heroine for kids who like that.  Recommended for grades 3-5.

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