Poorly Kept Secret

I haven’t said anything on here before, but I have a terrible secret.  I scavenge beautiful, badly treated books and make wearable art out of them.


I’m a paper beader.

I love statement jewelry because it allows me to turn simple clothing (cough-T-shirts-cough) into work appropriate clothing.  Anything looks fancy and stylish with a statement necklace.

However, statement necklaces tend to be pricey.  At least, the ones I like are.  So, I turned to that simple childhood past time of paper beading to fill my need.  After all, libraries routinely weed beautiful books that have a few severely damaged pages, but the rest are fine.  And the cool thing is that I get compliments all the time.  I have one necklace that I get no less than 3 compliments a day when I wear it.  It’s made out of paper beads covered with a set of flowered cancelled stamps.

Flower Stamp 3

People are always asking me why I don’t sell my designs on Etsy.  So, I did.  I opened my own Etsy store called Plucky Cricket Designs.  If you are interested, there’s a Mother’s Day sale going on now.  You can get 10% off with the coupon code BEADED1.

I don’t have any intention of turning this blog into an advertisement for my shop, so don’t worry about that.  I just wanted to let you all know.

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