Frog Storytime 5/31/17

By Awnali Mills

Today, our last storytime before a 3 week break, was all about the frogs, baby.  The books I chose were I Don’t Want to Be a Frog by Dev Petty, and The Wide Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner.

I Don't Want to Be a FrogWide-Mouthed Frog

I opened with my large bullfrog puppet.  He brought us the letter F, and I cheerfully asked if anyone knew any F words.

Yep.  That came out of my mouth.

I heard it.  I panicked.  I went right along as if I hadn’t done anything unusual, and we named frogs, flies, fish sticks, feathers, and some other things.  Nobody said it.

Thank God.

Moving right along.

Then I had some questions for my frog.
Do all frogs live in the water?
No—Some do, and some don’t.  We all breathe air.

What do frogs eat?
Bugs, and frogs, and fish.

Does anything eat frogs?
Snakes, raccoons, herons, and other things.

This last question stressed him out so much that he had to go take a minute to collect himself.

We talked about what sounds frogs make, then sang Mm-Ah Went the Little Green Frog.  And read our first book, I Don’t Want to Be a Frog.  I had debated about whether this would work in storytime, since conversation books can sometimes be a little difficult, and this is all about a little frog and an older frog talking about why the little frog can’t be another animal.  I was astonished at how well this went over.  The kids and adults were glued to the book.  You could have heard a pin drop except for my voice.  Maybe it was because I had an older crowd today instead of my usual younger ones?  I have no idea.  But it went well.

Then we did the flannel Five Green and Speckled Frogs.  After that, I handed out small black pompoms, and everyone got to feed Mr. Frog.  The kids were utterly delighted.  Well, mostly.  There were some that had no intention of getting near the business end of a frog, and mommy had to feed the frog.  He was very happy and burped loudly.

Then we did the little flannel Polly Wog.

There once was a Polly Named Wog
Who wanted to change to a frog.
So he dropped off his tail
Grew legs without fail
And croaked all day long on a log.

I read The Wide Mouthed Frog which is always a funny crowd pleaser, and we have a pop-up of it, so that was fun.  Then everyone stood up and we sang All the Little Frogs.

 (Tune: Wheels on the Bus)
(Act out the motions of the song)
All the little frogs go Hop! Hop! Hop!
Hop! Hop! Hop!
Hop! Hop! Hop.
All the little frogs go Hop! Hop! Hop!
All around the pond.
(splash, swim, sleep)

The kids really got into this song, hopping madly and even laying down to go to sleep at the end.

I finished up with the flannel Five Funny Frogs.
(use 5 frog shapes on board.  Remove one with each verse.)
Five funny frogs fretting on the floor.
One jumped away and that left four.

Four funny frogs fooling in a tree.
One jumped down and that left three.

Three funny frogs, just a funny few.
One flipped out and that left two.

Two funny frogs having froggy fun.
One hopped away and that left one.

One funny frog thinking he’s a hero.
Left to tell his tale and that leaves zero.
by Susan M. Paprocki

We sang our closing song and pulled out the toys.

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