Book Review: The World’s Greatest Detective by Caroline Carlson

World's Greatest DetectiveBy Awnali Mills

Ever since Toby Montrose’s parents died, he’s been shuffled from one relative to the next.  Finally, he’s ended up with The Last Relative, his Uncle Gabriel, who is a detective.  Toby wants to be more than his uncle’s file organizer—he wants to be a detective, too.

When the greatest detective around, Hugh Abernathy, holds a contest to determine The World’s Greatest Detective and his successor, Toby urges his uncle to participate, but Uncle Gabriel will have nothing to do with Abernathy.  So Toby cooks up a scheme to attend the contest on his own.  He quickly makes friends with Ivy, another young detective, but they are soon over their heads when a real murder takes place.  Will the two kids figure out who-done-it, and win the $10,000 prize?

I enjoyed The World’s Greatest Detective.  Toby is smart, but out of his depth.  His desperation to win the prize money gives him courage, and while he usually lets Ivy run over him, he stands up to her when necessary.  This isn’t a great literary novel, but it’s a really good detective story with fun characters.  I wouldn’t hesitate to hand it to my mystery lovers.  Recommended for grades 4-6.

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