Egg-citing Storytime 1/24/18

By Awnali Mills

Today’s storytime was about….eggs!  The books I chose were Except If by Jim Averbeck, and Whose Chick Are You? by Nancy Tafuri.

We sang the Alphabet Song to start, then I pulled out my big E.  We talked about the sounds it makes (when I see a spider, I say a loud long e sound.  The kids found that amusing.)  We looked at some pictures of E things, and I finished with the picture of an egg.  And I had brought some eggs with me!  They were from the Egg Hatching Activity Kit from Lakeshore (which doesn’t seem to carry them anymore).  The kids guessed what was in each egg, and then I “cracked” it open, and we talked about what sorts of things come in eggs.  If you thought it was only birds, you’re wrong!

Then I read the story Except If, and the kids helped me say the refrain “except if.”  Then I handed out egg shakers, and we danced to Laurie Berkner’s I Know a Chicken.  That’s a great song for following directions.

I used a flannel, and we said Humpty Dumpty together, then counted the pieces.  I read Whose Chick Are You? and then we rolled the song cube.  That had us singing the Alphabet Song again, but no one seemed to mind.  I followed that with the flannel Three Eggs in a Basket, and the kids helped me unite the newly hatched critters with their mommies.

Then, for the grand finale!  I asked the children how strong eggs were.  Were they hard to break, or easy to break?  I told them that we were going to do an experiment to find out!  I spread a plastic table cloth on the floor, and then put half of an 18 count egg carton on that.  I put an egg in each of the four corners, after letting the kids touch them to see that they were real eggs.  I covered the eggs with saran wrap, and then pulled out a cart LOADED with the heaviest hardback books I could find in our donations bin (all 1 ½ to 3 inches thick).  I asked the children how many books they thought it would take to break the eggs.  Then, one by one, each child helped me place a book gently on top of our eggs.  Some children were scared to get near our tower, so I took over near the end.

How many books do you think it took?


More than that!

Steven King’s Insomnia finally broke the eggs.  It was the twelfth one.

There was a great big “Oh!” when the eggs finally broke.  It was glorious!  Huzzah for science!  The parents all told me how cool that was, and everyone guessed many books less than it actually took (I guessed more, having seen a video).

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1 Response to Egg-citing Storytime 1/24/18

  1. Morrisa says:

    WOW!! 12 books, it took. I’m astounded. I’m SO glad you told us how many (the suspense was excruciating), and how appropriate that it was a Stephen King novel that “murdered” those eggs! I can imagine the “ohhhh” that burst forth when the eggs finally broke. I can see it in my mind’s eye by your written word picture. Thank you, Mrs. Mills!

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