Unicorn Magic Party

Unicorn Wall DecorLast Saturday, we had a sprinkle of Unicorn Magic at our library.  Since unicorns are oh-so-fabulous right now, we needed to see some here!

We started off by using the poster from Go Girl Magazine to determine our unicorn names, which we then wrote on nametags (mine is Petal Sky in case you were wondering). Everyone got a ticket entry for the drawing when they got their nametag.

After everyone was gathered and sitting down, I read Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blaby, and we sang The Unicorn Song by the Ontarian Librarian. After that, we drew names to win two moveable 3D printed unicorns.

3D printed unicorn

I explained our four stations to the kids and then let them loose to go to whichever stations they wanted to visit.  We had two crafts – a unicorn pencil cup and a unicorn headband (I did a bit of jiggering with the headband so that kids could color it for themselves). And we had two games, a unicorn ring toss and a pin-the-horn-on-the-unicorn.

Unicorn pencil cupUnicorn headband

The ring toss game came about as a happy accident.  We had a Not-A-Box program a few weeks ago, and my boss asked me to make something with a few boxes that would give kids an idea of something they could make.  Two boxes later, some construction paper and some glitter glue, and I had a unicorn/pegasus box that you could sit in and “ride.” After the program, we were going to toss the box, and I thought, “Wait just a minute.  Could we reuse this and turn it into something for the unicorn party?” Why, yes.  Yes, we could! I made rings out of cardboard, batting and colored duct tape (it isn’t easy getting something with enough heft to be able to throw while not demolishing the unicorn—just saying.)

Unicorn Ring Toss

The unicorn painting was done on bulletin board paper by my colleague, Dan. Isn’t it beautimous?  I made horns out of silver and gold cardstock, and used masking tape on the back. We used a Velcroed sleep mask for our blindfold.

Unicorn Pin the Horn

We were generous with our game prizes—rainbow pogs left over from the Fizz Boom Read summer reading program a few years ago.  When you hold these up to your eye, everything is rainbows.  This was a great two-fer—we got rid of leftover SRC prizes, and kids won them!

BTW, the splashes of color are dollar store plastic tablecloths.  We took them down carefully so that we could use them again.  Score!

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  1. Looks magical! Glad you used the Unicorn Song!

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