About Me

20160905_111626_hdrMy name is Awnali Mills and I work in a public library in Henrico, VA.  Right now I work in the children’s section and have a huge amount of fun planning story times, developing programs, and having the snot scared out of me when apps I’m playing with make loud noises.  I love doing library displays and reader’s advisory, and all the times I get to do training with adults.  You can find out more about me at my resume site.

Random Facts about Me:

I grew up in Arizona.

I try to have regular date nights with my husband.

I home-can award winning salsa (True!  A blue ribbon from the Pima County Fair!)

I quilt.

I love kayaking.

I graduated with an MLIS from the University of Alabama.

I started sewing my own clothes in third grade.

I’ve been stung by scorpions twice.

My first car was used as a doghouse before my dad fixed it up for me.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Betsy Dalton says:

    Hi Awnali: I am a children’s librarian in San Antonio, Texas (we are currently roasting at a toasty 102 degrees!). I recently read your blog on the Goosebumps party, which I thought would be really fun for Halloween. My question is how did you protect the foil on the floor, how did you keep it from tearing? I know the kids took off their shoes, but it seems it would still tear. Also, how hard was the Scratch programming. I am comfortable around computers, but have never used Scratch or Makey Makey. Thank you!

    • awnali says:

      Hi Betsy! We used heavy duty aluminum foil, taped all the edges down with duct tape, and cautioned the kids to be careful. The kids weren’t moving quickly on it, and the last thing on their minds was the foil under their feet–they were totally focused on the stuff on the wall. We didn’t have a single tear. I didn’t do the programming, but am told that Scratch is super simple. Some of the little kids even commented that they had done the same “scream” stuff in their classrooms, and knew that it was Scratch. The Makey Makey is crazy simple, and there’s plenty of step by step instructions in the kits and on the web to practice with.
      Good luck and be sure you let me know how the program goes!

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